Do It Yourself’ers

There’s a world of “Do-It-Yourself” people that tackle every home improvement, landscaping, automobile repair and arts & crafts projects with gusto and skill.  They watch the DIY channel, surf the internet and have hundreds of magazine clippings in their homes.  I respect these people for their guts!  Often, I think to myself, “I can paint my house myself!  I’ll save thousands of dollars and it will be done right.”  Then, reality sets in and I think of the time, the tools, the ladder……and I end up hiring a professional.

Most people will wash their pet with the garden hose, in the tub or sink.  Then they will either towel dry her and/or use their own hair dyer to knock off the excess water.  What your left with is a prettty clean dog, lots of mess in your home and the smell of wet dog lingering in the air.  It might have been fun or back-breaking.  Your pet might have enjoyed it or tried to run away.  It’s a DIY that could go either way…..and then you have to get all that hair out of your drain!!!

There is help out there that doesn’t compromise the DIY spirit.  Self-service dog washing (SSDW) is a service in the pet care industry that is on the rise and probably closer to you than you think!  For all of you in the Mecklenburg & Gaston county area in NC, Million Dollar Dog offers this very service at a reasonable cost!       

Self-Service Dog Washing Stations at MDD

For only $15, you can wash and dry your own dog with the professional grade tools and products used in the industry.  There is a ramp so you do not have to do any heavy lifting and a high speed velocity air dryer that will cut drying time immensely and put your personal hair dryer to shame!  The best part – no cleaning up!  The staff at MDD does all of the dirty work for you!  You do not have to make an appointment and you have 1 hour to wash your friend.  There are experts on site to help you, if needed and a kids room just in case your 2 legged children get bored.  What could possibly be better than this?

Sampson Getting  Dried

For those of you that would rather do it at home, I want to offer some important advice:

1) If you have a pet with long hair, you MUST brush and comb out all the tangles prior to getting your pup wet.  If you do not, you will tighten the mats and create dreadlocks.

2) Make sure you are using the proper shampoo.  When in doubt, use Oatmeal or a mild shampoo.  Do NOT use people shampoo.

3) The water temperature should be cooler than what is comfortable for your showers.  A dog’s body temperature can be 3-5 degrees hotter than a humans so luke warm or slightly cooler feels best for your dog.

4) Make sure you rinse all the shampoo off so your dog feels squeaky clean.  Any shampoo that is left on can make your pet itch.

5) Try not to get water or shampoo in your dogs nose, ears and eyes.  You can place cotton balls in their ears if necessary.  Use a washcloth around their face if you are nervous.

6) Make it calm, fun and a rewarding experience for your pet.  If you are stressed, your pet will sense it and start to react in a way that is not calm and fun!!  Plenty of affection and praise is necessary to help put her mind at ease.

Do not over-wash your dog.  Bathing weekly, with the exception of vet recommended bathes, can be too often for most dogs.  If needed, spot wash or use water-less shampoo.  When in doubt, call a local groomer for advice!!