June 2011

The Dreaded Nail Trim

Time for my Pawdicure

There – I said it.  Nail trims can be very challenging, even for the professionals!  Pet owners hate doing it because they are afraid to make their pet bleed.  Groomers don’t like doing it because 95% of the dogs hate it.  How can that be?  Why do dogs hate their nails being cut?  I asked my pooches but they’re not talking.  It think it is some sort of secret among our canine counterparts.

I have a few thoughts on it and I would like to share them with you:

1) A dog has strong, muscular legs and when someone is holding a paw, they can actually fight back with some pull…..literally!  They don’t have to sit back and let you do it.

2) The noise of the nail clippers can be loud and scare a few pups.

3) The bending of the nails as the sharp edge is cutting through it might feel weird (that’s why we use dremels!)

4) They had a bad experience OR their master had a bad experience doing them thus, transmitting their fear and anxiety on their companion.

All is not lost though and there are some things you can do at home to help desensitize Rover’s manicure madness.  

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Puppy Love

I was lucky enough to babysit an adorable Lab puppy named Charlie recently.  Charlie belongs to one of my staff members.  I volunteered to watch him for the week she was at the beach and I was so thankful that I did!

I have forgotten all about how precious puppies can be!  Remember, my dogs are all Seniors so to watch a newbie try to climb up a step that is too high while it cries this sweet little howl, really melted my heart!  The puppy breathe, dragging shoes around the house and all those potty breaks!  Puppies are entertaining and a ton of fun.  My daughter loved him too and was constantly carrying him around.  I had to remind her often that he has four legs!!!

Watching Charlie inspired me to write about puppies and grooming. 

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