Puppy Love

I was lucky enough to babysit an adorable Lab puppy named Charlie recently.  Charlie belongs to one of my staff members.  I volunteered to watch him for the week she was at the beach and I was so thankful that I did!

I have forgotten all about how precious puppies can be!  Remember, my dogs are all Seniors so to watch a newbie try to climb up a step that is too high while it cries this sweet little howl, really melted my heart!  The puppy breathe, dragging shoes around the house and all those potty breaks!  Puppies are entertaining and a ton of fun.  My daughter loved him too and was constantly carrying him around.  I had to remind her often that he has four legs!!!

Watching Charlie inspired me to write about puppies and grooming.  It is extremely important that you introduce your pooch to the groomer once it receives all sets of puppy shots.  NO RESPECTABLE GROOMER would allow your pet to come to the spa if it was not fully vaccinated.

Depending on if it is a short-hair or long-haired dog, the groomer will always do the following with kindness and patience.  Nails, pads, sanitary cleaning, ears, eyes, bath & blow dry and a slight tidy for the longer coats.  I will hardly use a clipper of the body of the dog this young because it creates anxiety.  You want to create a calm and rewarding experience that will put both the puppy and owner at ease.  Most puppies will be a little nervous and this is understandable – they do not comprehend what is going on, yet it is an experienced groomer that knows how to handle the situation, can make it a positive experience.

The most important thing a pet owner can do when dropping off your new baby at the groomers is to stay calm yourself.  If you are stressed out, your puppy will sense it and it will be a harder experience for the little one.  Make it upbeat and rewarding and when you come to pick up, bring their favorite toy, a treat and lots of love and affection.  Keep in mind, the experienced groomer will give you all the feedback – positive and negative – with helpful hints and techniques to practice at home.  Puppy grooming is extremely hard and the owner has to have understanding with the groomer as well if the haircut is not exactly perfect.  The little wiggle worms can be challenging to groom and their safety is always more important then the haircut.

Utilize your groomer as a resource for all sorts of puppy questions.  They would be happy to share their knowledge and guidance!  But most of all, enjoy your puppy when they are tiny and goofy.  Although they will soon grow into an adoring companion, the puppy moments are too cute and too short!  Savor them…..or babysit your friends puppies again and again!