July 2011

The ‘S’ Word

First Session of the Shed-Free Program

The battle is probably raging in your home right now.  Wherever you look – it is there!  You can’t get away from in even in your car!  Your socks are fighting in the front line and you are ready to wave the white flag.  Who is the enemy?  Dog hair.

If your pooch is like mine, they are SHEDDING their coat and it is a never ending battle with the vacuum.  The more you clean it up, the more hair you find.  What is causing this seasonal madness, you ask?  Your pet is blowing its winter coat in preparation for cooler temperatures.  This can happen multiple times a year for some breeds.  You are not alone and there is help!

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So Many Choices – How do I Select a Groomer

I have often asked my clients why they have chosen MDD for their pet care needs and I have gotten a variety of answers.  Mostly, it is the high-level of professionalism and customer service we provide but the overall haircut is the driving factor.  But how do you FIND that in a groomer?  How can you know if the place you are taking sweet Fluffy exhibits all of these features?  Sure, they may seem nice and caring and the place looks okay but how can you tell?  I have a variety of answers that will help put your mind at ease and I will provide simple questions for you when calling around.


What kind of owner are you? 

A realistic look into your wants, needs and expectations will determine the type of groomer that fits your lifestyle.  Do you mind your pet being in a crate or do you prefer kennel-free?  Do you like him to be there all day or would you rather get him as soon as he is finished?  How important is his haircut to you?  How knowledgeable do you want your groomer to be?  Do you want to be able to call on them for most pet care concerns or is she just a groomer that you see once a year? 

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