A Note on Dog Training at MDD

We love our dogs and they love us so what could possibly make the relationship better?  Dog Training!  No, I’m not kidding.  It’s true.  Having a well-balanced, respectful pet can make things so much better!!!  (And your friends, family, groomers and vets will thank you too!)  Look at your dog honestly and see if you can answer the following questions:
1) Does she come when I call her?

2) Is he quiet or does he bark a lot?

3) Does she jump on me when excited?

4) Does he climb on the bed and furniture without asking?

5) Does my dog own me or do I own her?

Finding a qualified trainer that believes in the same type of positive reinforcement can really make your pet happier in his own skin.  When a dog knows what is expected of him, understands all communication with his family easily and knows the boundaries set by his “pack,” he will automatically become happier.

Million Dollar Dog, Inc offers dog training with Joanna!  Not only is she the smiling face who greets you at the door, but she also knows quite a bit about dog behavior!  She does group and individual classes that is customized for your pet.

So the next time your dog steals food off the counter, think to yourself:  “Self, I better call Joanna at Million Dollar Dog!”