It’s true!  I have probably gotten over a million dog kisses in my life!  And with every sloppy wet kiss, I have learned more and more about this wonderful, amazing friend to mankind.

My name is Tara Pellegrino and I am the owner of Million Dollar Dog (est. 2005), a dog grooming, DIY dog washing, dog training, and doggie day care center located in Belmont, North Carolina.  As well as the owner of eMDD Envirogroom Professional Pet Products, Southeast Distributor (est. 2012).

Working with dogs, dog owners, and other pet professionals is what I do. It is my passion.  I feel I possess the unique ability to take the knowledge I have learned over the years and simplify it for the pet owner.

The purpose for my writing, some may call rambling, is to bridge the communication gap between the pet care industry and the dog lovers they serve.

So as the theme song to “Welcome Back Kotter” is playing through my head, welcome back to my new and improved blog that services you and your best friend to help make life more enjoyable for both!

Hope your days are filled with a million canine kisses!


Tara Pellegrino Pet Care Professional


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