June 2016

Do Dogs See in Black and White?

I really enjoy random, useless knowledge that does nothing to enhance my life but it’s just some fun stuff that I picked up along the way.  You know the information, like how seahorses are monogamous?  Cool, I know!  Does absolutely nothing to help me with my finances or time management skills – just silly facts that makes me appear more interesting then I really am!  It got me thinking…do dogs see in black and white?

The short answer is No.  Dogs can see some color, just not as many as human beings.

Scientists have discovered, that while humans have three cone photoreceptor cells in our eyes to see the color of the rainbow, our beloved friends have only two ‘cones’.  We can distinguish between reds and blues, yellow and greens.  Dogs cannot see reds or greens at all because everything is slightly tinted on a blue-yellow color scale.

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How Instant Gratification Affects the Service Providers You Use

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Instant Gratification is a product of this new world we live in when we hold everything in the palms of our hands

Need an Indian Headdress? Jump on and in a couple of clicks, 2 days of shipping – bam!  Want to know how much money Kim Kardashian makes per tweet?  Simple!  Do a Google search and the answer is there within 45 seconds.  Your dog needs a grooming appointment?  Call the groomer… <insert screeching breaks sound>…….“Your first available is in 3 weeks???”  Oh boy.  The service industry is having a huge problem right now when it comes to scheduling appointments and the needs and desires of its clientele.  Too often, clients cannot break away from the mindset of instant gratification – dog needs haircut, I’m free right now, groomer takes dog.  This is not likely.  Frustration from both parties abound as the capabilities of the service provider are different than the needs of those demanding the service.

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Bath Time! Proper Ways to Give Your Dog a Bath

You are sitting on the couch and you smell something stinky.  You look around, sniff your shirt and then you see it!  Your beautiful pooch, gazing in your eyes, tongue hanging out, waiting for a loving scratch on her ears.  Oh my – Bath Time!  

Whether you use a Self Service Dog Wash, your personal bath tub or garden hose, there is a proper way to give your dog a bath.  It sounds simple enough but there are many mistakes pet owners  make that causes more harm to your pet’s skin and coat.  Following these steps will prevent any unintentional problems.

Step One – Quality Products

Oatmeal is not always the answer.  There are many pet products on the market nowadays that treat various skin ailments and coat conditions.  You want to purchase a natural product unless otherwise instructed by your veterinarian.  Pet store employees are very knowledgeable but local groomers will know best.  Contact a groomer in your area, describe your pet and they will be happy to guide you in the right direction.    

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