September 2016

Kickoff To Flea Season

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The transition from summer to fall is a favorite time of year for many…lower temperatures, football, and, of course, pumpkin spice.  It’s also the favorite time of year of our not so close friend, the flea.  As last week marked the kickoff to football season, so does it mark the kickoff to flea season.  Booooo!!!

Did you know that we fight a $4 Billion war on fleas?  Here’s some information and ways to help you win this yearly battle.

Fleas Are No Joke!
  • Fleas thrive when the temperature is between 65-80 degrees and with low humidity.  Most pet owners assume that fleas start to die off when temps cool.  Groomers and vets agree that this assumption is what leads to an infestation when the pet owner stops giving the preventative treatments.
  • Once fleas have found a happy home, it becomes extremely difficult to eliminate them completely.
  • If your not convinced, check out our other article on fleas…Fleas, Ticks and Bugs…OH MY!  PART 1
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