Kickoff To Flea Season

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The transition from summer to fall is a favorite time of year for many…lower temperatures, football, and, of course, pumpkin spice.  It’s also the favorite time of year of our not so close friend, the flea.  As last week marked the kickoff to football season, so does it mark the kickoff to flea season.  Booooo!!!

Did you know that we fight a $4 Billion war on fleas?  Here’s some information and ways to help you win this yearly battle.

Fleas Are No Joke!
  • Fleas thrive when the temperature is between 65-80 degrees and with low humidity.  Most pet owners assume that fleas start to die off when temps cool.  Groomers and vets agree that this assumption is what leads to an infestation when the pet owner stops giving the preventative treatments.
  • Once fleas have found a happy home, it becomes extremely difficult to eliminate them completely.
  • If your not convinced, check out our other article on fleas…Fleas, Ticks and Bugs…OH MY!  PART 1

 Only 1 in 100 Fleas Are Seen By The Pet Owner

As startling as this fact may seem, fleas are excellent at hiding.  You may have a flea infestation without even knowing that is the case.

Talk to any groomer and you will hear countless stories of clients unaware that their pet have fleas.  Do not feel bad, you are not alone.  Your groomer has the ability to catch fleas much easier than you, the pet owner.  Our tools and close examination of every inch of your pet allow us to spot those nasty little pests.

Be Safe Rather Than Sorry

Take your dog to the groomer for a set of expert eyes on your pet.  Groomers will literally take a fine tooth comb through every inch of your pet and determine if fleas are present.  Don’t assume that your dog is itching because of dry skin.

Year Round Treatment

Fleas have been around for a long, long time and built up resistance to the modern day treatments.  Again, this is a $4 billion industry against fleas!  The treatment you used in previous years, may not work this year.  Make sure you know about the latest, most effective treatment available.  Start with your vet.  South Point Pet Hospital in Belmont have many preventative options to choose from.  They also have an online store that mails the treatments straight to your home. Sweet!

Other options you can get on Amazon:

There are also flea sprays that can both kill the bugs AND deter them from your space and pets.  We sell Scram Spray at the shop that does just that.

Do This Right Now

I have written two articles in 6 months about fleas to emphasize the seriousness of this topic.  I have seen first hand some amazing and attentive pet owners that do everything possible to avoid fleas.  Yet they still have an infestation on their pets and homes.  NO ONE IS IMMUNE!!

  • Inspect your pet for fleas
  • Get a second inspection at a pet care professional
  • Research latest flea preventative, and constantly stay in the know
  • At the first sign of itching, call your groomer
  • Pray for the extinction of fleas!