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9 Months to Prepare Your Pet for Your Baby

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9 Months to Prepare Your Pet for Your Baby

Congratulations on the exciting news!  You are expecting a baby and have tons to do between morning sickness, lack of sleep, baby books and baby showers.  But there’s another baby in your home that you have to prepare – your fur baby.  You have 9 months to prepare your pet for your baby…let’s get started!

First: Assess Your Beloved Pet

You know how cute it is when Fido jumps into your arms when you come home?  Or how he loves to bark at the squirrels through the window early in the morning?  <Insert screeching brakes> Yeah.  Those behaviors are not so great when you have a newborn.

It is time to call a professional trainer.  Dog Trainers have assisted many expected parents in their quest for the perfect pet.

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A Note on Dog Training at MDD

We love our dogs and they love us so what could possibly make the relationship better?  Dog Training!  No, I’m not kidding.  It’s true.  Having a well-balanced, respectful pet can make things so much better!!!  (And your friends, family, groomers and vets will thank you too!)  Look at your dog honestly and see if you can answer the following questions:
1) Does she come when I call her?

2) Is he quiet or does he bark a lot?

3) Does she jump on me when excited?

4) Does he climb on the bed and furniture without asking?

5) Does my dog own me or do I own her?

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