Why does it take so long to get my dog groomed?

Its 9 a.m. and Savannah’s Mom dropped off her Cocker Spaniel at the groomer. After discussing the haircut, Savannah’s mom wants to know what time her pet will be ready. The groomer says between 1 and 2 p.m.

Savannah’s mom’s mouth dropped open, “What? Why will it take so long?”

This is a classic misunderstanding between the groomer and the pet owner. The time it takes to actually wash, dry, trim nails, groom the pet and everything else that needs to be done while Savannah is at the salon, leaves owners upset and groomers stressed.  So let’s break it down:

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Importance of Regular Nail Trims

Picture this: You are typing on your computer with nails that are 3 inches long.  You have to contort your fingers, wrist, and hand to be able to effectively punch those keys.  Over time, your hands start to hurt and your wrists start to suffer from carpal tunnel.  Painful, huh?  Now look at your best friend’s feet.

Ouch!  Imagine what your pet feels like walking around with nails that are too long!

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It’s true!  I have probably gotten over a million dog kisses in my life!  And with every sloppy wet kiss, I have learned more and more about this wonderful, amazing friend to mankind.

My name is Tara Pellegrino and I am the owner of Million Dollar Dog (est. 2005), a dog grooming, DIY dog washing, dog training, and doggie day care center located in Belmont, North Carolina.  As well as the owner of eMDD Envirogroom Professional Pet Products, Southeast Distributor (est. 2012).

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