Pet Shampoo

Read This Before You Purchase Your Next Pet Shampoo

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With the thousands of choices of pet shampoos on the market, it still surprises me how many people ask for Oatmeal shampoo or use Dawn Dish Detergent when bathing their pet.  Being a Professional Groomer and also a Shampoo Distributor, I thought it was time to provide pet owners with all of the options to choose from to help make a more customized shampoo purchase for your pet.

Step 1 – Choose between a Natural vs Unnatural Product

The first decision you need to make when purchasing pet shampoo is whether or not you want a natural product or a chemical based one. There are pros and cons for both so you need to decide which is best for you.

  • Chemical or Synthetic Shampoo
  • Pros – long lasting scent, super cleaning abilities
  • Cons – You are applying chemicals directly on your dog and your hands.  Considering the vast number of allergies in the canine world, many dogs have reactions to the synthesized ingredients
  • Natural Ingredient Shampoo
  • Pros – safer ingredients for your pet’s skin and coat and your hands
  • Cons – your pet will not smell like the bottle for very long. They will smell clean and fresh but not like “berries” for weeks afterwards.
  • Disclaimer on Natural Products
    Like human made products, All-Natural does not necessarily mean natural. Look at the ingredients – if you can pronounce it, its natural. Also keep in mind the term Organic could be a farce as well. Organic products must be listed with a percentage of organic ingredients.  For example, Tea Tree Oil (75%).  No percentage in the ingredients?  Not Organic.
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